Elite Speed & Agility Development Training For Athletes

Our Private Speed School Sessions, For Focused & Hard Working Athletes, Does Not Require A Membership  

Come & See How We Can Help Your Kid Play Faster!

You And I Both Know That
They get more playing time.

The positively impact the game more.

And they get more opportunities at the highest levels of sport.

For all these reasons, it is in every young athlete's best interests to develop the greatest amount of speed & agility possible.

Power Source Speed School offers your kid a unique opportunity to do just that.

 We blend the best training tools with the most effective training strategies.

And because we take no more than 4 athletes per session, our training is highly personalized.

Athletes can enroll one session at a time if you prefer, or you can enroll in a monthly membership to receive a preferred rate.

Try us out and see how your kid can get on the path to playing faster today!

High-Tech Training
We literally give you the same tools the world's best athletes have available!

The 1080 Sprint allows for resisted & assisted training at just the right levels for each athlete.

The Woodway Curve treadmill is our "Speed Doctor", because it is incredibly effective at fixing inefficient sprint technique.
Personalized Coaching
Through video & real-time data analysis we can pinpoint fixes to each athlete's technique, allowing them to make adjustments and improve on the spot.

This is a key reason why our sessions require a focused approach by all our participants, and why we keep our groups to such an extremely small number of participants.
Game Speed Training
Our agility training goes well beyond simply cone and ladder drills.

We want our kids to be able to translate their agility to game conditions.

That's why our approach not only helps with footwork, but also vision, decision making and reaction time.

Power Source Speed School covers all of this in each clinic:

Reactive Speed


Top End Sprint Mechanics

Agility & Change of Direction

Defensive Footwork

Game Speed

Playing with Confidence

Sprint Mechanics: Before & After Photos

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