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Why You'll Be Glad You
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As a sports parent, you’ve surely spent plenty of time watching youth sports.

You probably picked up on the fact that faster, stronger, more athletic kids tend to stand out no matter what the sport.

When you see your own kid compete, you probably have whispered an “If only” statement or two over the years.

If only they were just a little faster.

If only they were a little stronger.

If only they were a little better conditioned.

If only they were a little more athletic.

If only they could stay healthy.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Perhaps your hope is to see them succeed more at their current level.

Or maybe they are the kid that stands out right now, and you’re looking ahead to prepare them to thrive at the next level in the future.

Either way, the good news is that you have plenty of training facilities that cater to athletic development today you can choose from.

So why is Power Source the best choice for your kid?

If you’ve had any experiences with sports performance training thus far, through a team or private facility, you know that most locations provide a group workout for everyone to follow.

At Power Source, we believe this is a huge disservice.

Just think of all the various factors that can differentiate one athlete from another:

    -  Their age
    -  Their sport
    -  Their position
    -  Their injury history
    -  Their goals
    -  Their movement inefficiencies
    -  Their training experience

Each athlete has their own unique needs, and their workout programming should be personalized to reflect it. This is why every athlete in our program receives personalized training.

We are also huge believers in habit building for our kids.

We of course want to see everyone who trains with us thrive in their sport, to reach their maximum potential and achieve all of their goals.

And we have 25 years of experience developing elite athletes in a wide range of sports. Many of whom have gone on to play their sport at the college or professional level.

But we also want them to become successful people in all walks of life, and believe strongly that the right training atmosphere can play a big role in that as well.

Learning how to push through challenges.

Learning to focus on what matters most while blocking out distractions.

Learning to be a great teammate who raises the energy of the group.

Discovering just how much you can achieve with effort, commitment, and a belief in yourself.

We take great pride in fostering this kind of environment, one that our athletes can reflect back on years later as one that transformed their lives for the better.

If this sounds like something you believe may benefit your kid, the good news is that we’ll let them try their first two classes at absolutely no cost.

On the first day we'll take them through a series of simple movement screens - flexibility, core strength, etc - to identify their most pressing movement inefficiencies.

We'll also take them through a light workout, during which time we'll speak to them (and you as a parent, if you wish) about what their goals are.  After all, if we don't know what outcome is most important for you we'll never be able to personalize your workout properly.

Simply fill out the contact form below and we will reach out to schedule your first session in our program, and answer any other questions you have!

“My siblings and I started at Power Source when we heard that one of their focuses was injury prevention. I started by training to return from an ACL tear, and have been there ever since. 

Over the past 6 years I have seen improvements on and off the field. I learned to love lifting and training to be a better athlete, and was able to continue growing in the sports I was playing which wouldn’t have been possible without their coaches.

Before I started training at Power Source , I focused solely on the sports I was playing and would train my body the way my coaches told me. However, I learned that there’s more work to be done off the field that improves all aspects of being an athlete. I learned how to strength train the right way in order to keep the rest of my body safe, including working flexibility and balance which go a long way to being a quality athlete.

 Last fall I tore my other ACL in rugby and did most of my rehab while I was still away at school, but when I came home I was right back at Power Source! The coaches gave me workouts to keep me moving even though I couldn’t do everything. When I got fully cleared, I spent my summer training hard at the gym with programs and workouts that allowed me to return to rugby stronger than I was before. 

That’s the thing about PowerSource, the coaches take care of the athletes and only want to see them strive on the field and off it. There’s no better atmosphere to train at than Power Source. It’s because of them that I have the relationship with the gym that I do, and is the reason I’m studying Exercise and Sports Physiology at Plymouth State.”       - Maddie S
“I started training with Power Source because even though I played sports year round in Middle and High school, I needed to improve my strength and speed.

Power Source went above and beyond my expectations. My previous encounters with gyms were boring and filled with confusion. Power Source made training exciting even at a young age, and easy to understand for someone that had little experience training. I looked forward to my time slots every week which is way more than any other gym had done for me!

Power Source not only made me a better athlete during my time there, it also set me up for years of success in the weight room. I had already learned how to properly and safely complete many exercises which was a delight to my college strength coach!

Power Source was one of the best things to happen to my athletic career. I owe much of my success to Jim and his team of coaches.“     - Jared D

"Our kids were in middle school when they started at Power Source. We knew they needed to start training for their sport and how to do it properly.   And our basement gym wasn't going to cut it!

What they got from Power Source has far exceeded our expectations.  They train strength, but also speed, conditioning & injury prevention.  And it's all customized.  They get to know your child and meet them where they're at.  My kids are getting things not only to help them play better, but guidance that will last beyond their careers."

- Kathy L, parent
Here's A Quick Sample Of What We Do
Our Elite Athletic Development Programs Include:
Individualized Workout Plans
We’ll work with you (both parents & athletes) to create a plan that fits your sport, development needs, injury concerns, and personal goals.
Personal Training
You’ll have coaches there to teach you the right way to train at all times. Further, you have the option of choosing a plan that includes a weekly 1 on 1 session.
Habit Building & Mentoring
Athletes can develop all the physical skills, but do they understand how to best approach their training?   Attention to detail, fighting through challenges, pushing limits & developing a clear vision of where to go boosts self-confidence and sport performance.  This is a priority in our program.

Complete Physical Development
Do you need to get faster?  Stronger?  Leaner?    More muscular?  Less injury prone?  More fluid & athletic?

 Our 20+ years of experience training for all sorts of needs has given us proven solutions to help you in any facet of athletic development. 

Nutrition Coaching
Our 3-month premium membership option includes not just an advanced training program, it also includes a custom nutrition program designed by a top local sports nutritionist.
Recovery & Regeneration Guidance
The world's best athletes know when to push harder, and when to back off.   From basic strategies to re-design of workouts when needed to more advanced tactics, we will work with you to make sure you meet your goals but don't burn out in doing so!

Your workouts at Power Source are all about you, providing elite training to hammer away at your exact needs!

Come & See How We Can Help You!

Since 2001 we have helped thousands of athletes
maximize their talents. 

 Here are just a few of them explaining what it is like
to train with Power Source

And here's a parent's perspective on what you can expect from Power Source:
Power Source is the area’s ONLY sports performance center that specializes in developing every aspect of what it takes for your kid to become their best.
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